Mad Conductor was formed in 2005 in Center Valley, PA by studio engineer Dan McKinney and song writer and vocalist MC Devlin. Beginning their work in Dan's House Studio, the duo seamlessly blended hip-hop, funk, reggae, blues, jazz, and psychedelic rock to form their own unique and refreshing sound. After they released their first EP, Mechanical Claw, MC Devlin formed a live band that went on tour in Europe and all corners of the United States.

During this time, the band was also writing and recording, and June of 2007 saw their first full-length album, "Renegade Space Rock". The album was very successful, and has gone on to sell over 3,000 copies to date. The band continued touring, and after the release of a two song EP titled "Members Only" in early winter of 2008, MC Devlin moved to New Orleans where he planned on writing a new album and returning to Pennsylvania to record it in three months. Instead, MC Devlin put his musical efforts on hiatus and spent the next three years dedicating himself to Kung Fu training, meanwhile releasing an obscure four song EP titled "Central America" in January 2010.

After receiving a black belt in spring 2011, he assembled a live line up of New Orleans musicians and resumed touring in the United States, and released the single "Lethal Protector" in June. Currently the live band consists of MC Devlin as lead vocalist with five players mainly stationed on keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar, saxophone and drum-kit, but also offering back-up vocals, with several members platooning between trombone, synthesizer and hand percussion. While working on a new full-length album, and a Canadian tour already under the belt, Mad Conductor will be touring the United States extensively this year, with plans to release their new full length "MC Rises" in spring of 2013.